Good Deed acquires psycho-religious horror film Don't Leave Home

Don't Leave Home Michael Tully

Having made its premiere at the SXSW festival last month, writer/director Michael Tully's DON'T LEAVE HOME, which is described as "an atmospheric, unpredictable, psycho-religious horror film", has now been acquired for distribution in North America by Good Deed Entertainment.

Starring Anna Margaret Hollyman, Helena Bereen, and Lalor Roddy, DON'T LEAVE HOME has the following synopsis: 

Melanie Thomas is an American artist whose latest show recounts the infamous Irish urban legend of Father Alistair Burke, who painted a portrait of 8-year-old Siobhan Callahan in 1986. Days later, Siobhan went missing on the very morning that her figure miraculously vanished from the painting as well. Though absolved of any wrongdoing, Burke abandoned the priesthood and went into self-exile.

After receiving a bad review before her opening, Melanie is contacted by the reclusive Burke, who offers to fly her to Ireland to create a new sculpture that he will help her to sell while she’s there. Telling no one where she’s going, Melanie never stops to consider that some urban legends are real.

Good Deed's CEO and founder Scott Donley says DON'T LEAVE HOME is "a unique genre story that has an unsettling elegance and thoughtfulness that is sure to leave audiences chilled to the bone". That sounds very promising to me.

The film will be receiving a theatrical release sometime in the late fall or early winter.

DON'T LEAVE HOME was produced by Walter S. Hall, George M. Rush, Ryan Zacarias, and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake producer Jeffrey Allard.

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