Graham Skipper to make his directorial debut with Sequence Break

If anybody in recent years deserves the title of Scream King, it's Graham Skipper. The actor first made a splash in 2013's ALMOST HUMAN, but he has since been in a tsunami of indie horror flicks including TALES OF HALLOWEEN, DEMENTIA, and the upcoming ALL THE CREATURES WERE STIRRING. Just this year, he's appeared in or will be appearing in CARNAGE PARK, THE MIND'S EYE (from ALMOST HUMAN director Joe Begos), and BEYOND THE GATES, which are among the most anticipated indie horror in recent memory. As if that wasn't enough, he also appeared onstage as Herbert West in Re-Animator: The Musical, directed by Stuart Gordon himself.

With that kind of experience, it's only fair that he should turn his sights toward making his own indie flick in the genre. He'll be making his directorial debut with the mind-bending SEQUENCE BREAK, which has just begun shooting.


tells the story of Oz (Chase Williamson, THE GUEST), a reclusive video arcade repair technician, whose world is turned upside down when on the same fateful day he learns his beloved repair shop is being forced to close, and has a chance meeting with the beautiful and enigmatic Tess (Fabianne Therese, SOUTHBOUND), with whom he shares an intense and unexplainable bond. When a mysterious new arcade unit then arrives at the shop, reality itself threatens to fracture as Oz encounters Cronenbergian hallucinations and bizarre biomechanical mutations that take him to the brink of sanity, while he works to uncover the origins of the strange device.

SEQUENCE BREAK also stars Lyle Kanouse (AUTO FOCUS), Audrey Wasilewski (BIG LOVE) and John Dinan (THE STORY BEHIND). It's being produced by Kanouse, Wasilewski, and Skipper from Skipper's script. Check out a still from the film, featuring Chase Williamson, below!

Extra Tidbit: Does SEQUENCE BREAK sound up your alley?
Source: Blumhouse.com



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