Greg Kinnear might fight in the latest War of the Worlds

Greg Kinnear

The BBC has filmed a three-part adaptation of the H.G. Wells story The War of the Worlds that will, unlike other film and television adaptations of the story, actually take place at the turn of the 20th century, as the 1897 novel did. While we wait to see how that turns out, Canal+ and Fox Networks Group Europe & Africa are teaming up for an eight-part television adaptation of the story that will, like the other adaptations (Steven Spielberg's 2005 WAR OF THE WORLDS, for example), take place in modern times.

Described as a "contemporary re-imagining", the Canal+ and Fox limited series was written and created by Howard Overman. The story begins when 

astronomers detect a transmission from another galaxy, definitive proof of intelligent extra-terrestrial life. Earth's population waits for further contact with baited breath, but does not have to wait long. Within days, mankind is all but wiped out, with just pockets of humanity are left in an eerily deserted world. As alien ships appear in the sky, the survivors ask a burning question — who are these attackers and why are they hell-bent on our destruction? 

Overman's take on the material looks to have lured in its first cast member, as Greg Kinnear is now in talks to star in this version of War of the Worlds.

Executive produced by Overman and his Urban Myths Films partners Johnny Caps and Julian Murphy, the series will air on Canal+ in France and on Fox in 50 territories across Europe and Africa. Studiocanal will be distributing the show internationally.

Kinnear is a fine actor, but I can't say he's one who helps get me excited to see any project he's involved with. Honestly, despite the fact that he has even received an Oscar nomination for his work in the film AS GOOD AS IT GETS, I'm always going to think of him as the guy who hosted Talk Soup.

Source: Deadline



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