Guillermo del Toro says At the Mountains of Madness dead because Prometheus

I just got finished telling you about a long-awaited project that's on the right track and now here I am with another one that seems all but dead. Unfortunately I'm talking about Guillermo del Toro's adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS.

Del Toro recently took to his blog over at DelToroFilms to give us all an update on the highly anticipated science fiction feature. It seems because of Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS we won't be seeing AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS anytime soon... Here, I'll let the man himself explain it to you:

I have been interviewed about this lately and wanted to post my two cents about this:

Prometheus started filming a while ago- right at the time we were in preproduction on PACIFIC RIM. The title itself gave me pause- knowing that ALIEN was heavily influenced by Lovecraft and his novella.

This time, decades later with the budget and place Ridley Scott occupied, I assumed the greek metaphor alluded at the creation aspects of the HPL book. I believe I am right and if so, as a fan, I am delighted to see a new RS science fiction film, but this will probably mark a long pause -if not the demise- of ATMOM.

The sad part is- I have been pursuing ATMOM for over a decade now- and, well, fter Hellboy II two projects I dearly loved were not brought to fruition for me.

The good part is: One project did... And I am loving it and grateful for the blessings I have received.



Major bummer, but I see where del Toro is coming from. He cites similar premises, set pieces, twists and scenes between the two projects. The question is... would you rather see AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS from del Toro or PROMETHEUS? Intriguing, no?

Now as you can see del Toro does hint that there's still a chance for the Lovecraft adaptation so we'll keep our fingers crossed. Not sure how much good that will do though....

PROMETHEUS star Charlize Theron
Extra Tidbit: I just started reading del Toro's THE STRAIN. Any good?
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