Have the Independence Day sequel titles been revealed?

It's no secret that 20th Century Fox and Roland Emmerich are planning to make not one but two sequels to the 1996 blockbuster INDEPENDENCE DAY. It's any wonder that it hasn't happened already. (It made $817 million worldwide, which is still good for #34 on the All-Time list.) The dual-sequel plan was first revealed almost a year ago, and there's been little follow-up since (that we've been privy to, anyway), but today some information is leaking out that suggests things are indeed happening behind-the-scenes on the next ID4 films.

German site Film Starts (via FilmNews.co.uk), reporting from the set of Emmerich's current film WHITE HOUSE DOWN, has dished out the following juicy info, straight from the director's mouth: "It won’t actually be two single sequels, but the continuation of Independence Day, which will be called ID Forever - Part 1 and ID Forever – Part 2."

ID FOREVER... That's clever.

Emmerich didn't go into further detail, but he did explain that he's not keen on shooting the film in 3D. "My opening line was: 'I really don’t like 3D. So do whatever you want, but run it by me. Have you ever taken magic mushrooms? It feels a little bit like that."

So all that can be confirmed right now: The working titles are ID FOREVER PARTS 1 and 2; Emmerich isn't a big fan of 3D; Emmerich has had a negative experience with magic mushrooms. Run with it!

WHITE HOUSE DOWN star Maggie Gyllenhaal

Extra Tidbit: The 3D-conversion of INDEPENDENCE DAY will hit theaters on JULY 3rd of next year.
Source: Film Starts



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