Hellraiser: Anthology comic is not for your eyes

A HELLRAISER anthology sounds like pretty much the coolest thing in the world to me. In movie form, a must-see. In TV form, something to f*cking die for. In comic form? Still very cool.

Yes, an 11-part HELLRAISER: ANTHOLOGY will be hitting the public April 14th! If you find you cannot wait until the 14th to view these new HELLRAISER tales, and you are planning to visit this year's Monsterpalooza, a hardcover edition will be available there April 7-9th.

The new anthology comic collects 11 tales written by the likes of Clive Barker himself, Ben Meares, Mark Alan Miller, David and Rebekah McKendry and Matt Murray. The artwork is coming to us by Daniele Serra, Riley Schmitz, Sam Shearon, Nick Percival, Jim Terry, Jimm O’Dell, and again Mr. Clive Barker.

You can check out some images from the new Seraphim Comics release below!

Ben Meares (Editor-in-Chief of Seraphim Comics & writer) said:

“We had a very simple mission statement at the beginning of our journey with this comic. We set out to create something with no limits and no censorship, that everyone involved, as both creatives and fans of the Hellraiser mythos, would be proud of.”

Mark Miller, Vice President of Seraphim, Inc. says:

“I’ve been a part of a number of Hellraiser projects throughout my years with Clive. And this is easily the most personal project I’ve seen pass through these walls. It’s as lovingly curated as it is delightfully grotesque. I’m proud to have my in its pages.”

Pricing for the comic is $35, but you can also snag the digital download for $15, or a signed Clive Barker copy for $65. I have a signed copy of the Rawhead Rex comic and it is one of my prized possessions.

Again, Seraphim Comics will debut the collection Monsterpalooza April 7th–9th, with the comic available to the public April 14th!

This Pinhead Pinocchio is godd*mn adorable.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be pick up a copy of HELLRAISER: ANTHOLOGY?
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