Hide your eyes, new look at Rabid remake is disgusting

The Soska Sisters' remake of David Cronenberg's RABID starring Laura Vandervoort is one of the upcoming horror movies that I'm looking forward to checking out the most. I dig the sisters' flicks and I love me some Body Horror. And today we have a new look at the film - via the cover of Rue Morgue magazine - which should do more than enough to let us all know that the film will be suitably disgusting. Hoo-ray!

You can check out the cover in all its gory glory below and then let us know what you think. Vandervoort stars in the new RABID as Rose, a character played by Marilyn Chambers in the original film, who: 

Following a disfiguring accident, receives untested stem cell treatment that, while it restores her beauty, has dangerous consequences.

The upcoming remake is directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska (AMERICAN MARY, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK) from a screenplay they co-wrote along with John Serge based on the 1977 film by David Cronenberg (VIDEODROME, THE DEAD ZONE). Michael Walker, Paul LaLonde, and John Vidette produced. Vandervoort's co-stars include Ben Hollingsworth as Brad, a fashion photographer; Ted Atherton as Dr. William Burroughs; Hanneke Talbot as Chelsea, Rose's best friend; Mackenzie Gray as Gunter, a fashion designer; CM Punk as Billy; and AJ Mendez as Kira.

Scream Factory will be distributing RABID across multiple platforms in the United States. A71 Entertainment will be distributing RABID in Canada, with 101 Films distributing it in the United Kingdom. We'll let you know when the release dates are announced. Again, this film is near the top of my must-see list, remake or not. After all, I've said it before and I'll say it again: if anyone has an issue with the Soska Sisters' (or anyone else for that matter) remaking a Cronenberg picture, you can (with all love and due respect) shove it, and remember that Cronenberg remade THE FLY. So fair enough.

Nice try, Hollywood Movie Magic. She's still gorgeous.

Source: Rue Morgue



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