Holland Roden to star in Amazon's horror anthology Lore

Holland Roden is quickly becoming one of my top potential scream queens to watch. She first came up on my radar last week with the news she was going to be starring in the as of yet untitled third season of SyFy's creepypasta series CHANNEL ZERO.

Today we have news that Roden will be headlining yet another horror anthology, this time for Amazon on their adaptation of the horror podcast LORE. Lore for those who might not know is a podcast which recounts true stories of frightening and paranormal occurrences.

Roden, who is currently best known for her role in MTV's TEEN WOLF, will play Bridget Cleary, wife of Michael Cleary (Cathal Pendred) in the new series. In a cool side note, our own Eric Walkuski was on set for the filming of this episode! You can peep a pic from that visit below.

LORE Episode and Roden character rundown:

Living in Ireland in 1895, with fiery red hair, Bridget Cleary is a dressmaker and an egg dealer who lives with her husband Michael in an Irish laborer’s cottage. An exceptional woman, she’s been liberated by the invention of the sewing machine and the refrigerated railway car, and she’s making a lot more money than her husband. When her tongue gets a little too pert for Michael’s liking, Bridget must prove the impossible: that she’s the true Bridget Cleary and not a fairy’s changeling.

Oh... spooky. I'm down as f*ck for this series. Will you be watching when it hits Amazon? Let us know what you think of Roden or the LORE PODCAST on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

The episode is written by David Chiu and Patrick Wall with Thomas J. Wright directing. LORE is executive produced by Aaron Mahnke, Gale Anne Hurd, Ben Silverman, and Brett-Patrick Jenkins.

Extra Tidbit: Have you listened to the LORE podcast?
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