I Spit On Your Grave documentary coming

It has been revealed that a documentary focusing on the making of the original I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE has just entered production. A website for the doc states that it's being directed by Terry Zarchi, who is the son of SPIT director Meir Zarchi.

Currently in production, the I Spit On Your Grave 1978 documentary will reveal some insight into the madness and the man behind it all! Created by Terry Zarchi, this project will deliver both a personal and informative view that only someone who grew up with this movie can provide.

Lead actress Camille Keaton will appear on screen with Meir Zarchi in the upcoming documentary.

Terry Zarchi had this to say about the project: “Growing up with I Spit On Your Grave has inspired me to tell the story behind the story...This is perhaps the most misunderstood film of all time and Camille Keaton’s involvement will shed some light on the many questions still surrounding the film."

Day of the Woman a.k.a. I Spit On Your Grave was inspired by Meir Zarchi’s experience with a victim of rape. After stumbling upon a teenage girl in a park in the aftermath of a violent assault, Zarchi began to imagine how a woman in this situation might fantasize about revenge. Moreover, he wanted to depict to the audience the real horrors of rape.

Camille Keaton and Terry Zarchi

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