Image gallery for NBC's Hannibal - Episode 1x01 'Aperitif'

As we gear up for NBC's highly anticipated "Hannibal", which premieres on April 4, we have a slew of new images to whet your appetite. The premiere episode is titled "Aperitif", and for those who are not up on their French (I know I had to look it up!), an aperitif is an alcoholic drink taken before a meal as an appetizer. Nice!

"Hannibal" Episode 1x01:

When the FBI takes on a case of disappearing college girls, Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) recruits Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), a gifted criminal profiler with a unique view into the psyche of serial killers, to consult. Jack also seeks the help of Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), a brilliant psychiatrist, who, unbeknownst to him, is not only one of the most successful serial killers of all time, but also a cannibal. After a copycat strikes, Will and Hannibal join forces to track down the culprit.

Starring Hugh Dancy as Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter, "Hannibal" from Bryan Fuller ("Pushing Daisies," "Heroes") will breathe new life into a deadly classic. Laurence Fishburne and Caroline Dhavernas co-star along with Molly Shannon, Ellen Muth, Anna Chlumsky, Lance Henriksen, Gillian Anderson, Chelan Simons, Ellen Greene, Gina Torres, and Raul Esparza.

Extra Tidbit: Are you ready to have "Hannibal" serve you up some dinner?



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