INTERVIEW: Director Josh Trank! Chronicle!

I had my doubts about the latest “found footage” feature film CHRONICLE. The tale of three teens discovering they possess superhero powers had possibilities, but how often do we find a great idea weakened by a bad script, bad acting or a terrible ending. However, director Josh Trank has managed to infuse originality into his latest. With a screenplay by Max Landis, CHRONICLE explores just how deadly power can be for someone without the ability to control it. It is an electrifying new feature from this up and coming director.

When the junket for his latest film came up, 20th Century Fox tried a unique approach to raise awareness. Rather than sitting in a room with the talent and a camera crew, they took advantage of technology. With the help of Skype, I was able to conduct the interviews in the comfort of my own home. It was a fascinating way to talk to Mr. Trank, yet he seemed like such a terrific person, I missed the one on one approach to a certain extent.

Josh spoke about shooting this massive looking film on a small budget. He talked about his own teen years and how they reflected in the three young men who find they have powers beyond their wildest imagination. It was a real pleasure to talk with Josh about the “telekinetic camera shots,” bringing CHRONICLE to life and the possibility of a sequel. CHRONICLE opens this Friday at a theatre near you.


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