Is the future of The Munsters reboot in jeopardy?

Deadline is reporting Bryan Fuller's dramatic reboot of THE MUNSTERS, MOCKINGBIRD LANE, may not be going from pilot to series. Rumors in the report had it NBC "network brass are leaning toward passing on the project," citing its high-concept as a "risky proposition."

But hang on just a second. Fuller himself took to Twitter yesterday, reporting: "NBC just informed me that the Deadline article regarding #MockingbirdLane was Dead Wrong. Stay tuned for updates!" Keep in mind, Fuller is also hard at work on HANNIBAL, the television series adapted from Thomas Harris' iconic literary character which has already gotten a mid-season, 13 episode order. How that effects the outcome of MOCKINGBIRD LANE remains to be seen.

Clearly the show isn't dead just yet, but conflicting reports seem to denote some uncertainty about the future of MOCKINGBIRD LANE. And for good reason to-- it's a really weird concept for a show. THE MUNSTERS as a drama starring Jerry O'Connel, Portia De Rossi (pictured sexily below), and Eddie Izzard as Herman, Lily, and Grandpa? I just don't see it. Take a peak at some behind-the-scenes images from the show included below and tell us whether or not you're ready to take a trip back down MOCKINGBIRD LANE...

Extra Tidbit: The reboot is actually Fuller's third take on the material, and has garnered the approval of Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) himself (see above).
Source: DeadlineTHR



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