ITN Distribution acquires monster adventure Prairie Dog

C. Blake Evernden Prairie Dog

The creature feature PRAIRIE DOG appears to have been a passion project long in the making for writer/director/creature designer C. Blake Evernden, as the Facebook page for the film was created in 2012. Four years later, PRAIRIE DOG is finally making its way out into the world. It's doing the festival rounds and winning multiple awards, among them Favourite Feature at the Northern Frights Festival, Best Fantasy Feature at the Genre Celebration Festival, and Best Fantasy Feature at Motor City Nightmares Festival. The distribution rights have also been acquired by ITN Distribution, so it won't be long before it reaches viewers outside of festivals as well.

PRAIRIE DOG tells the following story: 

Lewis Coleman is a lone sheriff tasked with watching over the vast lands and valleys of Brada County. When an environmental aberration stirs the town, and reports begin to come in regarding a mysterious animal roaming the surrounding farmlands, the mayor of the small community of Sombra Hollow insists on bringing in an Sara Keegan, an environmental expert and zoologist, to advise them.

As this situation worsens, the sheriff’s two children, Tanya and Carey, become more curious of the situation surrounding the town. When a local couple disappears from a county football game, Lewis and Sara race to discover the mystery of the animal that stalks the countryside, before more towns folk, and possibly Lewis’ children, venture further into harm’s way.

The cast includes John Bowers, Kathy Zaborsky, Ashlin Malik, Liam McMahon, Douglas MacArthur, Sebastian David, Daniel Howard, Carly James, and the monster of the title.

The trailer for the film is embedded below. Give it a watch and see what you think of PRAIRIE DOG.

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