It's the Booze Talkin'; Tony Todd playing Candyman again would be a treat!

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The very first time that I caught Bernard Rose’ 1992 adaptation of Clive Barker’s amazing short “The Forbidden” entitled CANDYMAN (WATCH IT HERE), I was stunned. We’ve seen ghost stories and slasher flicks, but this disturbing urban legend come to life was far more effective than your typical horror flick. This intelligent creeper presented fans with a fantastic lead performance from Virginia Madsen. And of course, the title character played by the now legendary Tony Todd was a perfect choice. By presenting the horrific and gruesome tale of this frightening figure, this incredible feature perfectly balanced the scares with a smart and impactful look at the challenges of the lower class. It’s a brilliant film with an incredible score by Phillip Glass, and two perfect leads.

As good as CANDYMAN is, the sequels never quite managed to find the magic. CANDYMAN: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH and CANDYMAN: DAY OF THE DEAD did do one thing right however, and that is keep Tony Todd in the iconic role. The actor always brought a bit of class to this franchise, and even when the continuations weren’t nearly as engaging, he always delivered. And now, we are about to see what many were calling a remake for a bit - that since has changed with recent news. This is a Jordan Peele produced, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II starring and Nia DaCosta directed return. And recently, we’ve also learned that the new film is not really a remake. CANDYMAN will be what they are calling a “spiritual sequel,” one that takes place in the “now-gentrified Chicago neighborhood where the legend began.”

Frankly, I like this idea. Continuing the story in a modern world is an exciting concept. Yet there’s a recent rumor, one originally reported on at Bloody Disgusting, and it’s one that would be a pretty huge deal. Not only is CANDYMAN returning, so is the man that made him famous. Yes, Tony Todd is back and he is officially listed in the cast on the film’s IMDb page. And currently, the role he is credited to play… is Daniel Robitaille/Candyman! Wait!? What the hell? It appeared to be a safe bet that Yahya would be taking on the role! So what we have here is an intriguing possibility of Todd once again breathing life into this incredible title character. Is this simply a well manufactured rumor, or is this the real deal? Right now, it sounds like the later of the two.

Is this too good to believe? Are we just hearing another possibility that will quickly be discredited? I mean, let’s face it, IMDb isn’t always correct when it comes to its listings. Since we can only speculate, perhaps both actors are planning on bringing a hook to whatever silly soul whom decides to repeat his name in the mirror. Perhaps there is even more to the story. Who knows, maybe Yahya will be playing a relative to Helen and Daniel? Therefore, he is taking over the bloody darkness that his ancestor brought upon his victims. If this is a “spiritual sequel,” there is a strong chance that we could get the best of both worlds. Perhaps both actors will be ready to slice and dice a whole new group of believers. If Tony is reprising his role, frankly I’d be thrilled at the prospect of seeing his return.

Clearly, we aren’t going to find out much more for awhile. With Tony Todd officially returning, MGM will most assuredly keep a tight lip on what the story entails. Personally, I’m just hoping that this return plays more like a continuation of the first film, one that revives this story in a fantastical way. The image of Candyman is terrifying, partly because he wasn’t simply treated like a monster. The character was played brilliantly by the actor, and perhaps with the right script and Jordan Peele’s guidance, this could be a great sequel. While we are still waiting for anything other than casting news, I’m hoping that Todd’s return will help give us a worthy sequel that lives up to the grotesque beauty of the original. A eerily wicked and wonderful return.

Maybe it’s the booze talkin’, but Tony Todd once again playing Candyman is a sweet treat. Of course it’s too early, and we still aren’t even close to sure that this is what we can expect. However, bringing back Tony to portray this incredible character is a brilliant idea. While I originally was curious about the idea of a return to CANDYMAN - which you can check out here - just the very thought of Todd’s return gives me more hope. If Jordan Peele has faith in Nia DaCosta as a filmmaker, and the Peele/Win Rosenfeld script works, I believe we may have something special on our hands. So bring on a new CANDYMAN, and let’s keep Tony Todd in the role that he brought to life. What do you think? Does the idea of Mr. Todd returning to the role make it sound like a tasty treat? Let us know in the comments below.

Candyman, It's the Booze Talkin', Tony Todd, Jordan Peele, horror, sequel, JoBlo.com, Arrow in the Head, AITH

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