James McAvoy could replace Joaquin Phoenix in new M. Night Shyamalan film


Last time we reported on M. Night Shyamalan's new thriller, it looked as though it would mark a reunion between Shyamalan and his SIGNS/THE VILLAGE collaborator Joaquin Phoenix. If you were particularly excited about this, you can put away the party hats, because it ain't happening.

But Shyamalan's project still thrives, and it's angling on bringing in another high-profile actor. The Hollywood Reporter claims James McAvoy is in talks to join the untitled film, which hopes to continue the resurgence of Shyamalan's career after the goodwill brought about by Wayward Pines and THE VISIT. (If you haven't seen THE VISIT yet, please do, it's much fun.)

Naturally, there isn't much known about Shyamalan's film, other than it's going to be on the smaller side, with Jason Blum once again producing after THE VISIT proved to be a successful pairing of the two. (Although Blum didn't join the project until after it was filmed.)

We'll hopefully have some more info (though not too much) on Shyamalan's new film soon. If you're in the Philadelphia area in the next few months, maybe you can help us by keeping an eye out?


Source: THR



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