Joaquin Cosio joins Season 2 of FX's The Strain

Joaquin Cosio The Strain 2

One very key role for the upcoming second season of “The Strain” has just been filled, reports Hit Fix. Playing Angel Guzman Hurtado, Joaquín Cosío has been added to the cast of “The Strain”, a character that fans of the novels will remember as the professional wrestler Angel de la Plata, The Silver Angel. Read on for more details on his character!

From the site, Angel de la Plata was a major masked wrestling star in Mexico, appearing both in the ring and in a series of movies in which his character battled all manner of foes including vampires, who he dispatched with an ultra-violent trademark move. A knee injury ended his career and his money and celebrity were soon gone. Now he's washing dishes at an Indian restaurant, beloved by the nostalgic, but seemingly forgotten to the world.

As you might imagine, the vampire apocalypse introduced in the first "Strain" season offers some eerie familiarity for Angel and when anti-bloodsucking crusader Gus recruits him to the cause, Angel is more than willing to pick up his mask and join the fight.

We’ll keep you guys up to date on “The Strain” Season 2 as we get it!

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Source: Hit Fix



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