Katherine Waterston hasn't heard any news about an Alien: Covenant sequel

Alien: Covenant Ridley Scott Katherine Waterston

I wasn't a fan of director Ridley Scott's ALIEN prequel / PROMETHEUS sequel ALIEN: COVENANT, and really wouldn't have any interest in seeing that film's story continue in a follow-up if it weren't for the fact that Scott chose to end it on a cliffhanger. Fans need some closure, so I would want to see a COVENANT sequel get made whether I liked the movie or not.

Well, that cliffhanger might have been a bad decision, because the chances of a sequel seem to be getting slimmer all the time.

During an appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival, COVENANT star Katherine Waterston was asked about the status of a follow-up and had this to say: 

I have no idea. I always feel as though the actors are the last to know. But I also feel as though I could have a great deal to do in that film, or just be rolled out in a body bag. I had heard some rumors about where it might go a long time ago that were really interesting to me and my character. But I haven’t heard anything in ages."

In recent interviews, Ridley Scott hasn't seemed to know much more than Waterston about the sequel's status. Back in December, he said he "would like to" make the film, but wasn't sure 20th Century Fox would greenlight it - although "they're crazy if they don't."

What role Waterston would play in the story isn't clear, but Michael Fassbender would definitely need to return to the role of David so Scott could tell his story of 

the world that the AI might create as a leader if he finds himself onto a new planet."

We'll keep you updated whenever we hear anything solid about the future of the ALIEN franchise.

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