Kevin Smith will serve as Guest Editor on Fangoria issue #348

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Once an essential resource revered by the horror community, Fangoria magazine has, like many print publications, been going through a tumultuous time lately, suffering from a lack of ad sales (thanks to the collapse of the DVD market) and the closing down of their distributor. The magazine that many of us have treasured back issues of has been struggling to reach store shelves.

These problems, plus the fact Michael Gingold, who had been contributing to the magazine since 1988 and had just reached the rank of Editor-in-Chief, was let go in May, along with longtime art director Bill Mohalley, has given a lot of fans a negative outlook on the magazine's future. Personally, I'm giving new Editor-in-Chief Ken W. Hanley and the restructured staff a chance and am hoping to see things turn around for Fangoria so it can recapture some of its old school glory.

One tactic that could help Fangoria rise again is the occasional employing of a Guest Editor that would draw attention and help sell more copies. Last year, Fangoria had a Guest Editor for the first time ever on issue #343, Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller.

The July 2016 issue, #348, will be guided by another Guest Editor, Kevin Smith, the filmmaker who got his start with comedies and dramas like CLERKS, MALLRATS, and CHASING AMY, and has recently embraced his passion for the monster movies he grew up watching and ventured into horror territory with RED STATE, TUSK, and the upcoming YOGA HOSERS. (He is pictured above with YOGA HOSERS stars Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp.)

Discussing the choice to have Smith take over an issue of Fangoria, Hanley said that Smith's latest films "have showcased a bold, unabashedly haywire sensibility worth celebrating in any artist working outside their niche. But what makes Smith perfect as Guest Editor is his passion for the horror genre, and seeing him geek out on stage at the Ash vs. Evil Dead panel at New York Comic Con last year reminded me of the infectious spirit for horror that defines Fangoria."

The cover and contents of Fangoria #348 have not yet been revealed, but we do know that the cover art has been done by Studiohouse Designs and that the issue will feature exclusive comments regarding Smith's next horror movie, the final installment in his True North Trilogy (following TUSK and YOGA HOSERS), MOOSE JAWS. Which is, as he says, "JAWS with a moose."

I think this Guest Editor thing is going to work out for Fangoria, because with the hiring of Smith they have guaranteed that I will be buying a copy of issue #348.

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