Kevin Smith has an idea for a Tusk sequel, with Justin Long as the madman

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Kevin Smith is clearly interested in getting Justin Long to reprise the role the actor played in his film TUSK (WATCH IT HERE). When Smith was writing the first draft of his killer moose script MOOSE JAWS a few years ago, he said that the film would end with a battle between two monsters – the "giant, man-eating moose" vs. Long's TUSK character Wallace, who was surgically transformed into a man/walrus hybrid. Smith recently rewrote the MOOSE JAWS script to remove the Jay and Silent Bob characters from it and to expand the role of Guy Lapointe, the character Johnny Depp played in TUSK and YOGA HOSERS. It's not known whether or not he kept the moose / Wallace battle in there – but whether or not Wallace returns in MOOSE JAWS, Smith has an idea for another way to bring him back to the screen.

During a recent livestream, the subject of TUSK came up, and Smith revealed, 

I'll be honest with you: I do have a story for TUSK 2. … The great Michael Parks, who played Howard Howe, the guy who turns Wallace into a walrus, sadly passed away a couple of years ago. … But, there's a version of TUSK 2 that you do where you cut to the present, and somebody else gets sucked into the spider's web. A house, come hear stories, and when you come to the house, the new Howard Howe is Wallace, who has gotten out of the walrus trappings and stuff and is obviously disturbed by his entire ordeal and is now doing it to others. So there's a way to do TUSK 2 where Justin becomes Michael Parks's character, or Wallace becomes the new Howard Howe and he's doing this walrus thing to somebody else. … So yeah, that's possible. TUSK 2 is possible."

I don't really expect Smith to pursue the idea of TUSK 2 at this point, but it's interesting to hear that he has toyed with the idea of a sequel that would turn Wallace into the madman.

While we wait to hear which film Smith will be able to get into production next – he's currently pushing MOOSE JAWS, CLERKS III, and TWILIGHT OF THE MALLRATS forward – he does have another horror project that's completed and on the way, an anthology called KILLROY WAS HERE. The film doesn't have a firm release date (it's aiming for early 2021 or late 2020), but the trailer can be seen above.

Source: Kevin Smith

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