Let the Right One In pilot adds Necar Zadegan and Cameron Gellman

Necar Zadegan

The production start date for the pilot of a potential TNT television series based on John Ajvide Lindqvist's novel Let the Right One In is drawing near, and the cast is starting to assemble. A few weeks ago, 19-year-old Kristine Froseth was cast to play one of the lead roles, the vampire Eli, and now two more actors have signed on.

Jeff Davis, who created Criminal Minds and turned TEEN WOLF into a successful TV series, has written the pilot script. His Let the Right One In is 

an eerie drama about Henry, a young boy, long tormented by his classmates, who finds solace in a friendship with a charismatic vampire, Eli, who appears to be near his age. Thin and pale, Eli’s actual age is unknown. Lonely and friendless (for obvious reasons), Eli lands in an apartment building in Vermont, and soon begins a strange friendship with Henry, an equally lonely 16-year-old boy who has no idea what kind of creature he’s dealing with.

Joining Froseth in the cast are Necar Zadegan (pictured above) and Cameron Gellman (below). Zadegan will be a series regular, playing FBI Special Agent Sarah Church, "who heads to the Canadian border after three border patrol agents are found, all of them exsanguinated. She soon learns that a remarkably sly and deadly serial killer has been carving a bloody swathe across Europe for the last decade, and has now relocated to North America." Gellman will fill the recurring role of Kyle, "an attractive bad boy, who, despite appearances, is not a bully; in fact, he’s quite friendly to Henry, and thinks he should try being a bit more aggressive with his teenage tormentors."

And here we already have my first issue with this adaptation of Let the Right One In, because this Kyle character is taking away from Eli. She is supposed to be the one who encourages him to stand up to his bullies, the scene where she tells him to hit them back "harder than you dare" is one of my favorites in the film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.

Oh well. Euros Lyn will be directing the pilot, and I'll give it a chance if/when it makes it on air.

Cameron Gellman

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