Lifetime remaking The Bad Seed as a TV movie

Lifetime has gotten some hot press lately thanks to their Will Ferrell/Kristen Wiig opus A DEADLY ADOPTION, so they're bringing back the horror - this time with an update of THE BAD SEED. The 1956 black-and-white classic was based on the William March novel of the same name, which will also provide the source material for this updated TV movie.

The drama centers on Kate, described as the perfect modern woman - a successful working wife and mother, always seeking to give the best life to her daughter. She is confronted with one problem she can’t overcome: her daughter is a relentless, murdering sociopath whose viciousness is matched only by her brilliance. Will Kate be able to learn the truth before it’s too late?

The film will be written by Barbara Marshall, who also wrote for the TV series Terra Nova and is currently penning the scripts for the upcoming films VIRAL and EXORCISM DIARIES. I secretly hope she finds a way to slip dinosaurs into this one too, but something tells me that's wishful thinking.

Barbara Marshall
Extra Tidbit: Is The Bad Seed an unimpeachable classic or is there room for improvement?



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