Lifetime's Damien series moves to A&E

The Omen

Lifetime’s long talked about THE OMEN sequel series, Damien, appears to have found a new home, as Deadline reports that the show will air on its sibling network A&E. That's immediately some good news for the series because people without a vagina might actually watch it now.

As part of the move, the order for the show has been upped from 6 to 10 episodes, which is cool if it turns out to be great; not so much if it blows, though. This marks the first major synergetic play since Lifetime programming chief Rob Sharenow also took over A&E two months ago as EVP and general manager A&E and Lifetime.

Merlin star Bradley James (below) will play the titular character about…

…the adult life of Damien Thorn, the mysterious child from the 1976 motion picture who has grown up, seemingly unaware of the satanic forces around him. Haunted by his past, Damien must now come to terms with his true destiny — that he is the Antichrist, the most feared man throughout the ages.

Damien is expected to premiere sometime in 2015, so hang in there for an exact date.

The Omen

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Source: Deadline



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