Lights Out director uploads full commentary on Soundcloud for free

I love commentary tracks. None of my friends seem to understand the fascination. I tell them, "But you, basically, get to watch the movie WITH the director!" And they remain unimpressed. Whatever. Fine. Leave all the commentaries to me then. See what I care.

However if you're like me and attempt to gobble up any and all commentaries you can (I have even listened to the writer/director's commentary on LEPRECHAUN BACK 2 DA HOOD, no joke) then you'll be pleased to know LIGHTS OUT director David Sandberg has just release his "unofficial" director's commentary. For free. On Soundcloud.

You see, a few days ago, David took to Twitter in response to a fan's tweet about the possibility of a LIGHTS OUT commentary.  This is what David had to say:

Hurm. Thanks for being succinct, brother. Anyhow, a few hours later he jumped back on Twitter to announce he, along with his wife/LIGHTS OUT partner-in-crime Lotta Losten, had spent the previous few hours recording their very own commentary track.

Pretty cool, huh?

You can listen to the full commentary below, which, no worries, David let's you know when, where, and how to sync up the track. Too cool. Eric England also put up his director's commentary for GET THE GIRL on Soundcloud recently. You can check that out right HERE.

Come on, other filmmakers, get on it.

Extra Tidbit: David Sandberg's Twitter handle is @ponysmasher. Nice.
Source: Twitter



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