Linda Hamilton and Mackenzie Davis spotted on the Terminator set

The Terminator James Cameron

The new TERMINATOR sequel, which DEADPOOL's Tim Miller is directing with franchise creator James Cameron producing, is currently in production in Spain, and some cool behind-the-scenes photos have arrived online that show a couple of the film's stars on set. 

One of those stars is Linda Hamilton, looking totally badass as she reprises the role of Sarah Connor from the first TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2. Hamilton was seen walking around the filming location while in Sarah's wardrobe, which includes a bulletproof vest.

Also spotted working on the film was Mackenzie Davis, sporting some interesting scars as her "soldier-assassin from the future" character, who might be named Grace. Davis is looking pretty badass herself in these images.

The new TERMINATOR is ignoring the events of the sequels Cameron wasn't involved with, acknowledging only the first two movies. Hamilton and Davis are joined in the cast by Natalie Reyes as new heroine Dani, Diego Boneta as Dani's brother, Gabriel Luna as a Terminator, and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Brett Azar, who was the CGI stand-in for the scenes that required a younger version of Schwarzenegger in TERMINATOR: GENISYS, is doing that same job on this TERMINATOR film. This time Azar is joined by Jude Collie, who will be Edward Furlong's CGI stand-in for scenes that take place during the time of TERMINATOR 2.

Written by David S. Goyer and Billy Ray, the film doesn't have an official synopsis yet.

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