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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Tim Miller

Ryan Reynolds/Wade /Deadpool
Morena Baccarin /Vanessa
Ed Skrein/Ajax
Gina Carano/Angel Dust
8 10
When mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) gets stricken by the big C, he undergoes an experimental treatment that results in him having super strength/abilities and also looking like Freddy Krueger face-f*cked a topographical map of Utah. Deadpool is born and he wants revenge, his babe and his face back!

Hey gang! The f*ck is going on? I hope your weekend is swell thus far. Now, before I rip this movie open, pull out its entrails and show them to ya, let me make something crystal clear off the bat. 1- My knowledge of the Deadpool character before this film was basically that I knew what he looked like and I was also aware that they mucho misrepresented him in that piss poor Wolverine movie (I mean his nickname is “Merc with the Mouth” and they sowed his mouth shut?!!? The and f*ck?). 2- I’m not a 13 year old boy; but can be an immature prick, one that relishes anything that is politically incorrect and offensive specially taking into account the now overtly spineless and oh so boo-ou "sensitive" society we decay in. So where did that leave me when it came to my appreciation of this vulgar, raunchy, grisly and funny super-anti-hero movie? Do the math!

Every time I tap a flick that is driven by a healthy dose of humor I vomit the same drivel: humor is highly subjective, what’s funny for one asshole is lame to the other asshole. Personally the humor in Deadpool was right up my butt-crack and I had a big stupid grin carved into my face throughout this watch. If it wasn’t the raunchy humor getting me off (if you dig dick jokes, you’ll be well served here), it was the witty one-liners, the pop culture references (loved the pokes at Green Lantern), the self-referential quip, the varied sight gags, Deadpool's sly breaking of the fouth wall and the random jabs at celebs here and there (the Hugh Jackman stuff was hilarious). To say that Ryan Reynolds was ideal for this role would be a grave understatement (yes I wanted to use the word “grave”, go with it). I can’t see anybody else playing the part and being this freaking good at it. Dude f*cking owned it as he was given carte-blanche to do what he does best: be a comical, charming, a-hole-ish smartass! Reynolds made the film captivating even when it would randomly falter (more on that later). Props Canuck brother. PROPS!

What about the gory goods you may ask? Well much like the humor, the flick went all out in the red grub department. Excessive was the word and one happy Arrow was the result. On that, it is a statement to the writing and the chemistry that Ryan Reynolds had with the "hot damn" lovely Morena Baccarin (who played his love interest), that amidst all this vulgarity and blood shed, an earnest love story still managed to shine through and give the whole some heart. Yes, Deadpool is a VERY romantic movie. Who knew?! No small feat! Add to all a kinetic visual style that greased my retinas right (first time director Tim Miller impressed here), well choreographed action/fight scenes, a stellar supporting cast (Brianna Hildebrand rocked as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, while Gina Carero was a sight to behold as the mullet pimping bad girl), an awesome retro synth score by Junkie XL, cleverly used oldies (by DMX, Salt-N-Pepa, Wham and more!) and a narrative structure that played it smartly in terms of being a gripping origin story (Start in the present, go backwards via flashbacks - no half hour build-up here!) and you get one hell of a fun movie!

Any downside? Some. I did feel that the flick lagged a tad during its middle section and some scenes didn’t hit the bullseye like they should have had humor wise. And was I alone in thinking that although Ed Skrein killed it as the main baddie, his character didn’t have enough to do? Maybe it was the rum in my Coke talking. Finally, I craved more action here. At the end of the day there were only two big action scene here with smaller ones spread out – I yearned for more Deadpool approved carnage. Am sure I’ll get it in the sequel. On that, DEADPOOL hit my G-Spot and wound up being the most fulfilling R Rated superhero film since DREDD! You love your humor crass and juvenile? Your violence excessive and your visuals stylized! Yes?! On your knees and blow! DEADPOOL is here!

A cigarette lighter burn, blown out brains, decapitation, an impaling, stabbings, cut off hands, broken limbs
T & A
We get lots of tits, ass, peaches (strip club scene) while the ladies/gay dudes get Reynolds butt cheeks and a dong shot! Also lots of kinky sex was implied.
Gruesome, offensive, childish, smutty, thrilling and just plain funny; to say DEADPOOL delivered the goods for this clown would be an accurate deduction. Ryan Reynolds was beyond on top of his game here and was well backed by a stellar cast! Yeah more action would have been cool, the bad guy needed more meat to chew on and the middle section had lag issues; but on the whole this horny, pop culture laced, wink-wink and splat happy celluloid party had me in stitches and craving for a sequel the moment I stepped out of the theater. So it's a win for me! Will it be for you? Who knows! Let me know via the comments below!
Stay tuned after the end credits for an extra scene that references Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Ryan Reynolds took the Deadpool suit home after the shoot.

The film was shot in Vancouver, BC, where Ryan Reynolds is from BTW.