Lionsgate will be releasing the Leatherface prequel

TEXAS CHAINSAW sequels, prequels, and spin-offs tend to be crummy and incomprehensible more often than not, but I can't help but be excited about the upcoming prequel LEATHERFACE. From INSIDE directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, it's described as a "naturalist, brutal and disillusioned road movie," which sounds truly insane and captivating.

Lionsgate evidently agrees, because the company has nabbed the rights to distribute LEATHERFACE. They already put out the previous flick in the franchise (TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D), so they seem pretty devoted to seeing Leatherface get his due. There's no solid release date yet, but this is a great first step. You'll get more details as soon as they arrive!

LEATHERFACE begins when:

a young nurse is kidnapped by a group of violent teens who escape from a mental hospital and take her on a road trip from hell. Pursued by an equally deranged lawman out for revenge, one of these teens is destined for tragedy and horrors that will destroy his mind, molding him into the monster we now call Leatherface.

The cast includes Vanessa Grasse, Sam Strike, James Bloor, Sam Coleman, Jessica Madsen, Lilli Taylor, Stephen Dorff, and Finn Jones. The script was written by Seth M. Sherwood.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite road trip movie?



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