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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Alexandre Bustillo
Julien Maury

Alysson Paradis/Sarah
Béatrice Dalle/The woman
10 10
Still mourning the death of her ex boyfriend, pregnant Sarah (Paradis) decides to spend Christmas eve alone in her house, for some good old fashioned Holiday jeers. That's until a mysterious sexy ass broad (Dalle) knocks on her door late at night, wanting "in" on levels that only a psychopath would. It gets ugly...real f*cking ugly.

Ouvre moi ta porte… que je t’ouvre le ventre.
(Rough translation: Open your door…. so I can open up your belly….)

WOW. Consider me owned by this bitter and ferocious French horror vice-grip! The last time I got broken like a bread stick by movies this harshly was ironically enough via HIGH TENSION and ILS, two other French genre jamborees. I guess the French are on to something in my book when it comes to the genre (and Baguettes)! Now, although the two latter titles kicked my butt hardcore, that was nothing compared to the severe ringer that INSIDE put me through. MERCI SALOPARDS!

INSIDE was a magnificently and ingeniously shot exercise in ever growing excess. The flick’s set up played it Carpenter low key, restrained with an axis towards genuine chills. But as the clock ticked forward mucho spills were added to them chills and every time I thought the flick couldn’t get more sadistic, graphic and out of f*cking line; it would shut me the heck up by topping itself and going so far that I felt like an invisible hand was back-handing me silly with every “kill” or “gore scenario. Big props for having the balls to set up such a warped initial premise and going to town with it. I mean anything having to do with a pregnant woman is a touchy subject; but here, they knew it and didn’t give a flying albatross; in fact they capitalized on it gleefully and them some, making way for some fairly distinctive and totally twisted events. Straight up; any film that sports some zany “inside the belly” fetus shots of it being affected by the abuse going on the outside has to be respected. INSANE!

And for all of you who have been craving a worthy successor to the token killers of old; well in my book, we’ve found her in The Woman. Man that bitch didn’t muck around when it came to good old fashion killing. Brilliantly played by Beatrice Dalle, The Woman was uber creepy, obviously freaking loony, sported hints of sexual deviancy (lesbo stuff-why the heck not) and she put Voorhees to shame in the way she took care of the human laundry mercilessly. Stab on top of that a compelling lead in Sarah (arrestingly played by Alysson Paradis), a firm directing style that echoed old school Carpenter as much as it did pre jaded Argento, a powerful score, a breath neck pace that barely gave me time to come up for air and a wonderful ending that brought the nihilistic mood of the film home with gusto and you get my favorite horror film of the year thus far.

Any complaints? Only a teeny-weeny one. Personally, the final act should have ended earlier than it did. The film went too far in my opinion with its last plot twist, bordering the realm of the ridicule. With that said; can I really look down on a flick for staying true to itself? Not really. It embraced excess till the bitter end. On the whole, INSIDE not only had all of its bases covered, it planted land mines underneath all of them, so when I ran the course; I got destroyed every step of the way. This is a real horror film; character driven, suspenseful as hell, smarter than the norm and gory as f*ck. FINALLY, something blows me away this year! THANK YOU!

LOL! I have no idea as to where to begin! And I don't want to spoil the many gore surprises either. So I'll say this: scissors in the head/hand/face, slit throat, belly cutting, eyes burned out...and...you know what, that's all you'll get out of me...but mark my vacuous words, this flick was the grisliest and meanest genre film that I've seen in the last 5 years. So gorehounds rejoice; you've found your mistress. Spank her silly!
Alysson Paradis (Sarah) sold it and then some. I so believed in her character and the emotional baggage she carried with her and when the shit went down; her organic reactions to it sold me even more. Béatrice Dalle (The woman) was genius as the villainess. What could've been a one dimensional part in the hands of a lesser actress became a layered, credible and utterly compelling role. And yes, she scared the hell out of me while arousing me at the same time for some odd reason. Mr. Shrink, here I come!
T & A
I'll be honest as opposed to surfing the net to see if there was nudity in this film: I DON'T REMEMBER! The flick kicked my ass so hardcore that if titties were on the menu, I wouldn't know, too busy getting my head kicked in to retain that info...sorry! There’s some light lesbo stuff though and some thin tops action… but nudity? Am not sure.
Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury went all out with this one in terms of bleak atmosphere, fly shots, surprise kills and oppressive tension. Grade A for asskicking! I'll keep my eye on these two chaps; they're gonna go places.
We get a dark and sad piano/violin oriented score that kicked butt as to amplifying the air of despair of the film and its creepiness.
What else can I say, INSIDE was the most rewarding horror film that I've seen in the last 5 years. It potato mashed my noggin on every level; aesthetics, characters, tension, audio/visuals, ingenuity and a swaying disregard for political correctness. What else can I ask for? Sure the flick maybe went too far via its last block but I'll take over zealousness over safe and boring any day. You in the mood for well made and utterly satisfying horror? Get inside INSIDE!
Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury will be helming the HELLRAISER remake based on the success of this film. Poor guys...HELLRAISER remake??? They're better than that.

Beatrice Dalle was discovered via the film 37°2 le matin (1986). She has been arrested in the past for assaulting a meter worker who was ticketing her car parked in a handicapped place. She was also arrested twice for alleged cocaine possession during the filming of Abel Ferrara's The Blackout (1997). I like this girl!