M. Night Shyamalan announces Unbreakable 2 will be released January 2019

Holy sh*t!

Writer-director M. Night Shyamalan just took to Twitter to drop a massive fanboy bomb on us all. Not only did he finally confirm that his next film will be the sequel to both UNBREAKABLE and SPLIT, but he also let us know that Bruce Willis will be back, as will James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, and Anya-Taylor Joy!

Not only that shite, but he also threw out there that the film will be called GLASS and that it will be a co-production between Blumhouse and Universal, and that they have all set the date for the film to hit us January 18th, 2019!

Whoa. This is like too cool overload. I need to calm down a breath and bit. I feel like Mike Myers in COFFEE TALK. "Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. All the godd*mn tweets below."

Seriously check them out:

I told you that was a TON of info to drop on people with next to zero notice beforehand. My goodness, M. Night, you're going to give us all f*cking heart-attacks pulling shite like this.

I couldn't be more excited.  Duh.

GLASS aka UNBREAKABLE 2 aka SPLIT 2 hits theaters January 18, 2019!

Extra Tidbit: Holy sh*t
Source: Twitter



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