Max Landis has finished the first draft of his American Werewolf remake

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Max Landis remains dedicated to writing and directing a remake of his father John Landi's film AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, even though a lot of the original film's fans will go into the remake prepared to pick it apart and negatively compare him to his dad... and even though John has said that he doesn't think Max should go ahead with the remake.

The new version of AMERICAN WEREWOLF has now taken a step closer to reality, as the younger Landis took to his Twitter account yesterday to inform his followers that he was

Landis went on to tweet observations about the original film, and to hint at the changes he made in his version of the story.

I'm glad to hear that Landis will be digging deeper into what was going on with the folks at the Slaughtered Lamb pub, as that could be quite interesting. While I am a fan of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and have a huge amount of respect for the effects work on display in that film, I do think there is room to improve the story that's told around its memorable elements. Still, I don't think a remake can live up to the original's transformation scene and dream sequences.

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