McFarlane: Spawn isn't the main character of new film & won't talk

It was late last week we shared the news that Blumhouse is producing Todd McFarlane's new SPAWN movie. Now that this huge announcement is out of the way, it's time for a sit down with McFarlane to hear what he has to say about the upcoming film, specifically.

Good thing he just had such a sit down with Comicbook.com and let loose some interesting info on the new movie - most note-worthy is that Spawn will not be the main character and will not talk. The new movie's main character will, in fact, be Twitch of SAM & TWITCH fame.

I'll step back here and let you read through his comments and we'll rejoin afterward.

McFarlane on if a rumored Academy Award winning talent (Jamie Foxx) is still onboard: 

Yeah a couple approached me. Those are still on the table, and I just recently signed with CAA, the largest and biggest talent agency in Hollywood, so they've got lots of talent that they will sort of start pushing and funneling towards it if they think that the roles are there.

On Twitch and Spawn:

There's two big roles in the script. There's obviously sort of Spawn himself, although in a weird way it's not the biggest role, and then there's the cop. The cop is this character Twitch who's been there since issue #1. Twitch is the role in this one, and I sort of refer to him as my sheriff Brody, who is the sheriff in the Jaws movie. Although it was called Jaws, Jaws didn't really talk a lot in his movie, right? He just kind of showed up at the opportune time to make the movie worthwhile.

On Spawn and JAWS:

It might not seem it, but Jaws and Spawn have a great deal in common, at least from a point of view standpoint.

It was sheriff Brody, the humans talking, chasing the fantastical thing that sort of made the movie, and to me, there's that element. Everything else is normal in this story other than (gesture) the shadow moves, and at times even when it moves, the cop just sort of thinks he's losing his mind so he doesn't even trust that the shadow's moving. If you're a bad guy, then this thing is going to come and it's going to get you.

On Kevin Smith's SAM & TWITCH series:

We're developing Sam and Twitch over at BBC America that Kevin Smith is attached to. Hopefully, they'll sign off on that and he's going to write and direct all that.

So it really seems that McFarlane is choosing JAWS as his go-to for pitching this film and that totally works for me! I mean I can remember back when Christopher Nolan used JAWS as the reference for The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT, calling him "a force that rips in and out of the movie" so I'm all for the analogy.

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Extra Tidbit: I'd use ALIEN as the analogy for SPAWN, but what do I know.
Source: Comicbook.com



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