Michael Biehn confirms talks with Neill Blomkamp about Alien 5

The Sheffield Film and Comic Con was held this past weekend, and one of the guests in attendance was Michael Biehn, who played the role of Corporal Dwayne Hicks in the 1986 classic ALIENS.

Given that Hicks was featured, older and scarred, in the concept art that landed Neill Blomkamp the job of directing a new installment in the ALIEN franchise (despite the fact that the character was unceremoniously killed off at the beginning of ALIEN 3), Biehn was of course asked about Blomkamp's ALIEN project during his Q&A panel.

Biehn told the audience that he was optimistic about what Blomkamp is putting together and, having talked to the director, is certain he will be in the film. He also stated that Blomkamp's story ignores the events of ALIEN 3 and ALIEN RESURRECTION, although Blomkamp has previously said that he's "not trying to undo" those entries. Biehn has not, however, been officially offered a role in the movie, nor has he seen the script.

Here's hoping that Biehn will receive the script and offer very soon, because I'm really looking forward to finding out what Blomkamp has come up with for the franchise, and to seeing Hicks back in action alongside Sigourney Weaver's Ripley.

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited to see Biehn back as Hicks?
Source: AVPgalaxy



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