Might Steven Spielberg develop hot script Extant for TV?

The Wrap is reporting that there's a new hot genre script in town. It's called EXTANT, from unknown scribe Mickey Fisher.

Written as a TV pilot, it's a one-hour sci-fi drama about...

John and Molly Watts and their son, a human-like robot named Ethan. Molly, the space-traveling wife, is also pregnant with a baby that is part human and part alien. The family intrigue deepens in subsequent episodes.

"Everyone is freaking out about it," an agent apparently told The Wrap. "It's 'A.I.' as a TV series."

The script is written in five acts and takes place on earth and in a space station. Warner Bros. has evidently made an offer to acquire the project and turn it into a movie, according to multiple individuals inside and outside the studio. However, talent agency WME wants to turn "Extant" into a TV series with Steven Spielberg producing. Which works well, because Amblin TV ("Under the Dome", "The River") is developing the project.

It's unsure how close Spielberg will be to the project, but obviously his name gives something like this instant credibility. More on this as it comes...

Extra Tidbit: Does EXTANT sound cool to you?
Source: The Wrap



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