Milo Ventimiglia joins Steven Spielberg-produced show The Visitors

Last month we reported on the news that ABC and Amblin Entertainment had ordered a pilot for "The Visitors", a TV series based on the popular Ray Bradbury story "Zero Hour." Now said pilot has a leading man in the form of Milo Ventigmilia ("Heroes").

The series chronicles

the race against the clock to defeat an unseen alien enemy out to destroy the world using our most precious resource - children - against us.

Ventigmilia will play a John Doe "who is found unconscious in a D.C. alleyway who wakes up to discover he's lost his memory. Determined to figure out his life, he follows the clues of his tattoos to learn he's Drew Bennigan, Claire's missing husband, and is now forced to live a life he doesn't remember as he fights to regain his memory or cross over to the enemy's side."

Barry Sloane and Derek Webster co-star.

Mark Romanek (ONE HOUR PHOTO) will direct the pilot, while Steven Spielberg acts as an executive producer on the series (we know how he likes his aliens).

Source: THR



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