Review: Iron Sky

Iron Sky
8 10

Guest review by: Tj Fowler

Plot: Sarah Palin, in an attempt to win a re-election, sends a black man to the moon, a secret Nazi base is found, said black man is captured by 1940's era Nazis, which as it turns out needs a Ipad to power their super weapon, Nazis turn black man into a white man to do him a "favor", then travel to earth to secure a Ipad and write Sarah Palin's campaign speeches and eventually invade earth via 1950's b-movie technology. FUCK YES!

Review: I want to start off by saying I had heard of Iron Sky before I had arrived here in Finland from America and knew the general premise of the movie. Nazis from the Moon invade Earth, pretty cool nerd boy idea but as it turns out the movie is actually a little bit deeper than what you would think if you look just below the surface. So lets dive in and goosestep all over this mofo!

Well where do I start? Iron sky had all kinds of things going on in it and I was a little afraid I would get a bit lost, especially since I was watching this movie in Finland where the the subtitles were in Finnish/Swedish when any German Dialog was spoken. Which was a fair amount. However, I was able to actually to keep up for the most part and really was able to enjoy what turned out to be a pretty fun movie and what I can imagine may anger or insult some Americans and especially the politician Sarah Palin. As stated in the Plot section of the review, Sarah Palin sends a two man crew to the moon, one of which is a black man, in hopes to garner votes for her re-election bid coming up. What they discover is Nazis on the dark side of the moon and Helium-3 which turns out to be something of importance later in the movie.

The Black astronaut named,l James Washington gets captured and interrogated about when the invasion from earth is arriving. The Nazi scientist discovers Washington's Iphone and finds it can power the Nazi's super weapon. Unlike the Nazi computers which date back to 1945 and fills an entire warehouse. Unfortunately for the Nazis the cell phone's battery dies and so they decide to send a the future leader of the Fourth Reich Alder, and a small force to earth to secure an Ipad. Alder brings Washington who has been turned Aryan as a "favor", and his smoking hot fiance Renate, who happens to be the educator/propaganda instructor of the German Youth on the moon. Renate shows the children in her class a part of the Charlie Chaplin film "The Great Dictator" as part of their education. However, it's been edited to the point of where it looks like Chaplin endorses Hitler(which is part of the humor of the film since Chaplin was huge opponent of Hitler) and Renate herself believes the propaganda doctrine of the Nazis spreading peace and curing the world of war.

Well not to give the entire movie away, I will only bit upon some key parts of the movie. When Renate and Alder arrive on Earth they get discovered by Palin's PR rep and she uses Renate to write Palin's speeches using Nazi rhetoric and uses Alder and his good looks as a poster boy then transformers them from the 1940's Nazi look to a neo-Nazi look. And it's ALL used in Palin's campaign!! Which I found hilarious in how the movie conveyed it. The movie really pokes fun at what world leaders are like and really what they will do to achieve their aims. The movie is a dark comedy or action comedy but the humor is really somewhat intelligent and blatantly honest about politicians. ESPECIALLY American politics. The movie is a Finnish/German film and they even poke fun at themselves but the big brunt of the joke is on America...and honestly as an American...it's not too far off the mark.

The visuals are very well done, it was fan funded film along with investors also and the production values are TOP notch in my opinion. The Nazi's Technology has that 1940's/1950's b-movie look but in a modern way, kind of a Nazi Steampunk look. Kind of reminded me of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow in some parts. Also, some of the Nazi saucer pilots look like the Tie Fighter Pilots from Star Wars but with a lots of nuts and bolts. The Space Zeppelins are also very cool and would have made Hindenburg proud. I have to hand it to the special effects guys...they did an excellent job and deserve a lot of credit.

The story itself is obvious in the regards of yeah, the Nazi's are the bad guys and need to be stopped but then later in the movie you start to wonder who are really the good guys and at the end of the movie. You will see hat I mean as the movie unfolds. The movie is well written and not the typical movie you will see from Hollywood. The humor is actually a strong point of the movie but may not be for everyone but some of it is kind of clever. I mean who would have thought of using an Ipad to power Nazi Technology to invade earth from the moon!! It could have came off REALLY goofy and corny but it all worked really well.

I hear they are supposed to release this in America. I'm not sure if it will really go over in the states very well or if it will get picked up. I know Hollywood would eat up anything that can bash Right wingers or Sarah Palin but the fun it pokes at Sarah Palin is VERY upfront and if you are Sarah Palin you would be VERY offended. N ot because she is easily offended either. The movie basically makes her out to be someone too stupid to know she is using Nazi's as an ally and makes her out to be a warmonger. Also, what she ultimately is responsible for at the end of the movie will not sit well with her. I wouldn't be surprised if the movie was released here that she wouldn't try to sue to keep it from being shown.  However, for me the movie was fantastic and I think if you want to enjoy a good, visual and dark comedy/steampunkish action movie this is for you. If you are someone who doesn't like to see America made fun of about the things it does..even if the humor is on point...then you may want to skip it.



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