Must see! The trailer for The Asylum's Atlantic Rim is mockbuster heaven

Step aside, PACIFIC RIM...The Asylum is here with their own giant robots taking on even bigger monsters in the trailer for the mockbuster masters ATLANTIC RIM, and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't look to be a whole lot of fun! Just look at the picture above and try not to smile. If a giant robot wielding a big ass hammer-thingy facing off against a monstrous beastie in front of the Statue of Liberty doesn't do it for you, then the trailer below certainly should. And, hey...do you smell that? It certainly has the scent of 'lawsuit' all over it!

Jared Cohn's film finds Academy Award nominee Graham Greene recruiting ex-"Baywatch" lifeguard David Chokachi to join Naughty by Nature’s Anthony “Treach” Criss and hottie Jackie Moore to pilot big robots to take on giant monsters from the sea. Peep the insanity below.

I'll just be honest - I'm definitely going to watch this when it hits. It looks to be a goofy good time. No word on when we'll be seeing ATLANTIC RIM, but if we go by The Asylum's record of releasing their mockbusters close to the date of the film they're ripping off, we should be seeing this one in early July.


Extra Tidbit: Ok, give us your thoughts on the ATLANTIC RIM trailer. We wanna hear 'em!



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