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Good day everyone! And Happy Friday the 13th! Yup, check your calendar, today is indeed one of those special days out of the year when a horror fan grins a bit bigger! For starters, I hope you enjoyed our last Necessary Evil which devised a way to reboot the Alien Vs. Predator franchise. It was a fun one to write! Now, for today's Necessary Evil, we are fully embracing the calendar's date and dishing out a new take on some Voorhees action! However, with Jason being done to death (literally) so many times, we thought about pushing for a Friday the 13th centering on another famous Voorhees... his mother Pamela!

IDEA: A prequel to the entire Friday the 13th franchise centering on the psychotic actions of Pamela Voorhees, Jason's eventual mother. Let's simply call the film Mrs. Voorhees.

OUTLINE: Believe it or not, Pamela Voorhees actually does have a bit of a back story before she eventually lost her head (both figuratively and literally) and if done properly, could make for one hell of a horror movie! Here's how I see it going: Pamela is born in the year 1930 to a fairly well-off family, owners of a mining company in Pennsylvania. Being the only child, she is constantly pressured by her parents to be a perfectly proper lady. At the age of 15, she falls in love with Elias Voorhees, an older man who works in her family's mine. When her parents find out about this, they forbid Pamela from being with Elias because of his low class status. To fix this, they set her up on a date with a wealthy man. While on the date, the two take a walk through a field where Elias appears... holding a machete. Both men engage in a fight that ends with Elias hacking the wealthy man to death.

Elias tells Pamela that he killed the man for her. She is actually impressed by the insane act and the two decide to run off together. After stealing a large sum of money from her parents, they escape to West Virginia and are soon married. After a short while, Pamela becomes pregnant. It is not an easy pregnancy and she is soon forced to go on bed rest. Instead of staying by her side, Elias goes out often, spending the money that they stole. While alone, Pamela believes she can hear her child speaking to her from inside her belly.

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At the end of nine months on Friday, June 13, 1946, Pamela goes into labor alone in her bed. Elias is not home and she is in too much pain to move. Blood is all over the bed. Pamela screams... and then a baby's cries are heard. Pamela reaches down and picks up her newborn boy... Jason. Though he appears to be slightly deformed, Pamela is instantly in love. She immediately begins talking to him. His cries stop. Even though he doesn't speak, Pamela continues talking to him as if they are both having a conversation. Elias enters the room, a bit drunk, in the midst of all this. He immediately notices the baby's deformity and is appalled. He rips Jason from Pamela's arms and lies him on the ground. He raises his foot over the baby. Just as he is about to stomp down, a machete comes piercing through his chest. Elias drops to the floor, dead. Pamela takes baby Jason and runs away.

Pamela flees to Northern New Jersey, which is as far as she can get with the small amount of money she has left. In order to make ends meet and provide for Jason, she gets a job as a food server at a local diner near a campground. She has to bring Jason with her but keeps him at a distance from other people, especially other children. She shares a very deep bond with her son and will do anything to protect him. As many years go by, the two carve out a very private life. One day, a doctor eating at the diner takes notice of Jason and says he knows a specialist that could help fix part of Jason's deformity. Unfortunately, the procedure is very expensive. Luckily, David and Louise Christy are also eating at the diner and are looking for a cook to run the kitchen at the summer camp they own. They offer Pamela the job and she happily accepts. She looks upon Jason and can picture him looking like a normal boy.

Working at Camp Crystal Lake takes a bit of a toll on Pamela. Again, she has to bring Jason with her, but tries her best to keep him separated from the other kids and counselors. However, there are times when he gets out and is made fun of. Whenever this happens, Pamela can somehow hear/feel the pain her son is going through. Whoever does something mean to Jason, always ends up having some sort of accident, but nothing too extreme to cause anyone to worry. On one fateful day, though, Jason gets out and attempts to go swimming like some of the other kids are doing. He naively jumps in off the dock, but begins flailing about upon realizing he can't swim. The kids get freaked out by his actions and swim off. The counselors are off having a game of "touchy-feely" and do not hear Jason crying for help, but Pamela hears him in her head. She rushes out to the dock, but Jason is nowhere to be found. The police arrive and partially dredge the lake, but find no body. Convinced that her son is dead, Pamela is completely distraught... until she begins hearing him again in her head... telling her to seek bloody vengeance on the camp for his demise!

Now suffering from a complete mental breakdown, Pamela sets out to close Camp Crystal Lake for good. You can see in her eyes and in her actions that she's totally lost touch with reality. She abducts one of the camp counselors and takes him out into the woods. She ties him to a tree and guts him with her machete. As the counselor dies, Pamela hears a twig snap and notices a young boy in a Camp Crystal Lake t-shirt gazing at her. Her motherly instincts prevent her from hurting the child and she politely asks him to keep quiet. Surprisingly, he smiles and nods, thus allowing Pamela to continue her violent reign of terror. More counselors are dispatched in creatively gory fashion as Jason's voice keeps on ringing in Pamela's head. David and Louise Christy are soon the only adults left and attempt to kill Pamela. They beat her with a bat and stab her with an arrow. Just as they are about to finish her off, the little boy in the Camp Crystal Lake t-shirt appears again and axes both Christys in the backs of their heads. He kneels down before Pamela who smiles as she passes out from her wounds. As her eyes begin to close, her vision of the boy begins to blur. His faces morphs into Jason's deformed visage. The End!

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WHY IT COULD WORK: Because the Friday the 13th series is still insanely popular with fans chomping at the bit for some kind of new entry. I have a sadly ominous feeling that the proposed Re-re-boot ain't happening any time soon if at all. And honestly, there isn't too much that anyone could do to make ol' Jason feel new again without f*cking things up. However with Mrs. Voorhees, fans get something that's never been done before that is still a part of Friday the 13th!

CHARACTERS: Now, the big question. Who do we get to play Pamela Voorhees? We could go with an unknown, but for fun, let's shout out a few famous choices. We need someone who could play young and then a bit older with some real acting chops. A dream (but nearly impossible) pick would be Brie Larson. I also think that Elle Fanning, Britt Robertson, or Olivia Cooke would be fantastic! After that, we need Pamela's parents, Elias Voorhees, David and Louise Christy, and of course, a young Jason.

CONCLUSION: I know horror prequels have been done before, but usually to show how the franchise slasher got his start (Rob Zombie's Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning). Mrs. Voorhees is an extension of the true face of the Friday franchise: Jason. She is such a compelling character, yet there was only one movie made with her (and she was really only on screen for about ten minutes). She is essentially an untapped well in the realm of Friday the 13th films and I say it's time to stab something sharp into that well and let her story gush out all over the big screen!

So, are you down for seeing Mrs. Voorhees back in action? Is a prequel an interesting take for a Friday the 13th series that is growing a bit tedious and tired? Or are you firmly in the "No hockey mask, then I'll pass" club? I've gotta hear your thoughts so be sure and blast those bullets below! And if you have any ideas that you think should be made into horror reality, let me know at [email protected].

*PS: Special thanks to Mike from Fright Flicks for helping inspire parts of this article!

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Extra Tidbit: Who would YOU choose to play Mrs. Voorhees in a prequel?



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