Robert Rodriguez disputes Danny Trejo’s claims he sold Machete rights

Robert Rodriguez insists that he still has the rights to Machete, possibly paving the way for one more movie to complete the trilogy.


Machete may not text but he do sequel. Director Robert Rodriguez has addressed claims by Machete himself, Danny Trejo, who said that he doubts Rodriguez even has the rights to make the threequel Machete Kills in Space.

First, some context. Trejo recently told Rob Zombie in Interview that he was under the impression that Rodriguez had sold the rights to Machete “to Russians or something,” thus halting the project permanently. (Trejo and Zombie have direct ties to 2007’s Grindhouse, with the former being featured in the faux trailer for, of course, Machete, while Zombie helmed Werewolf Women of the SS, which has tragically yet to be made into a feature.)

But Rodriguez quickly rebuked this, telling IndieWire that his old pal isn’t exactly up to date on his info. “I retain all the rights…We do plan to make another one, we just stopped saying that we are until we’re actually making it because of all the stories that come out saying, ‘They’re making it right now, they’re making it right now!’” With that, Rodriguez noted the connection he has to Machete, something no doubt shared by fans. “Machete is one of my favorite characters and Danny and I are always dreaming up the best sequel approach. So yes, the sequel is still very possible. We are just not making it right at this moment.”

Machete Kills in Space was teased perfectly in 2013’s Machete Kills (as Machete Kills Again in Space), which both paid homage to all of those movies that would dangle the next installment in front of audience members and legit gave fans a trilogy-sealer that would be looking forward to. And indeed we still are, with Trejo previously saying he still gets asked about the yet-to-be-greenlit project. Trejo even once expressed his dissatisfaction with Rodriguez dragging his feet on the movie, saying he would take over directing duties if he had to. No disrespect to Trejo wanting to get the project in gear but we would much rather have Rodriguez behind the lens…at least compared to another Spy Kids movie.

Now that Robert Rodriguez has confirmed that he still has the rights to the Machete character, do you hope a third movie gets made? Or has too much time passed for it to stick? Give us your thoughts below!

Source: IndieWire

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