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Hello there, fright friends! I hope you had a killer Halloween! I had a blast reading through your thoughts on our last Michael Myers Necessary Evil which posed a possible idea for the next entry in the Halloween franchise. For today's column, we are taking inspiration from another forgotten holiday. For our readers in high school or below, you are most likely home today because we are in the midst of Teacher's Convention! Now, I know there has been some horror movies about teachers, but there's never been one centered around their convention! So grab yourself a seat! Class is in session!

IDEA: A horror movie about a sinister school that takes place during Teacher's Convention!

OUTLINE: Justin has just earned a scholarship to Oakhills Academy, a prestigious prep school, because of his basketball skills. The school's notoriety will help him get recruited to a top college. Although he's a little skeptical about living at school away from home, Justin knows it is for the best. Fortunately, his hoops talent and large 6'6" size earns him instant acceptance from his fellow classmates. The classes aren't easy, but the teachers seem to be more lenient towards those students that are able to bring the school extra acclaim (national merit scholars, musical prodigies, and of course, athletes).

With the Fall semester in full swing, Justin and the other basketball players hold some preliminary team practices in order to prepare for the start of the season after Thanksgiving. In the gym, Justin notices a girl with glasses emerging from the weight room. He musters up the courage to go up to her and strike up a conversation. Her name is Julie and the two hit it off right away. Justin learns that she too is there on scholarship and that she is actually an orphan. Even though the other basketball players warn him not to talk with any of the "no-homes" which is the term the students give the other orphans there on scholarship. Apparently, Julie is one of five.

necessary evil arrow in the head joblo.com horror movie teacher's convention students scary prep school

The weekend of Teacher's Convention finally arrives. Many students go home to their families for the long weekend. Some stay and are looked after. Obviously, the "no-homes" stay and Justin decides to stay as well to be with Julie. As part of their scholarship program, the "no-homes" work jobs on-campus in the cafeteria and gym. On Thursday morning, the first day of Teacher's Convention, they are called to the school's assembly hall to be briefed on their duties during the break. Justin tags along with Julie. Once there, the doors are closed and locked. A couple of teachers come out on the stage dressed in strange black robes and explain to the students that Oakhills Academy owes its great success to a higher being. Every ten years, this higher being must be gifted the sacrifice of a young one's body and blood. Only one is needed and the group of students must decide who it will be and kill that person. The teachers offer the students the next two days of Teacher's Convention to decide who it will be and/or fight for survival. If at the end, no one is killed, the teachers will kill all of them.

The students are completely freaked out and confused. The last thing the teachers say is that the "no-homes" only have access to the assembly hall, the library and the gym, but will be able to find a wide range of unconventional weapons to use. The students are then left alone. Over the course of Teacher's Convention, the students must decide whether to try and off each other or come together and develop some sort of plan to take out their wacky, cultist teachers! Justin is stuck in the middle of this all. This academy is about to get real bloody!

necessary evil arrow in the head joblo.com horror movie teacher's convention students scary prep school

WHY IT COULD WORK: The story has an interesting kind of paranoia suspense premise that hasn't been around our genre in a little while. The remote, nearly deserted academy definitely has a fun/creepy vibe. Plus, you got the students fighting each other and then most likely the psycho teachers, so there is room for plenty of intense action.

CHARACTERS: We definitely need a tall, young actor to play Justin. Some basketball athleticism would really help for added realism. I don't know a lot of young tall male actors so maybe an unknown? For Julie, I could easily see a Disney actress like Laura Marano handling the role. We need a lead teacher as well as the rest of the "no-homes" and basketball players.

CONCLUSION: Like I said, Teacher's Convention has never been the basis for a horror movie. There are a lot of different horror elements in play here like survival, blood sacrifice, and evil teachers, which could really broaden the appeal factor. There is also plenty of room for some intense, creative kills with gym equipment and other school-related devices!

Well, does Teacher's Convention sound like a class worth attending? Is there anything else you think could work with the horror at a desolate prep school setting? Or does this idea get a failing grade? Kindly fire them bullets into the comments section below! And if you have any ideas that you think should be made into horror reality, let me know at [email protected].

necessary evil arrow in the head joblo.com horror movie teacher's convention students scary prep school

Extra Tidbit: What's the scariest thing to ever happen to you at school?

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