New Ash vs. Evil Dead ads kick off Ash's presidential campaign

Ash vs. Evil Dead Bruce Campbell

2016 has been an insane year for politics, and one high profile horror project has already taken advantage of the fact that this is an election year in the United States, the appropriately titled THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR.

Now Starz is getting in on the election year action with new ads for the eagerly anticipated second season of their series Ash vs. Evil Dead, a follow-up to Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD trilogy that sees Bruce Campbell reprising the role of iconic horror hero Ash Williams. These promos are presented as if they are campaign ads for Ash's own run for president, a campaign that promises he will "Make America Groovy Again".

The Ash4President campaign doesn't end with these two ads, either. There are more videos and social media action to come:

Ash is the only man who can cross party lines, because no one likes a party more than Ash Williams. Under the promise of making America groovy again, fans can sign up to receive custom campaign swag, download political posters, and share Ash’s policies across social media. 

Through www.Ash4President.com and the @Ash4President Twitter handle STARZ will be releasing a series of exclusive political clips featuring Ash Williams giving his take on hot button issues to get loyal fans (err, citizens) to the polls. 

Ash is still waiting for the invite to the presidential debates but just in case it got lost in the mail he’ll be live tweeting the debates from the @Ash4President handle to make sure his voice is heard. Hey America, you could do worse.

Ash vs. Evil Dead makes its return to the Starz airwaves on Sunday, October 2nd at 8:00pm ET/PT.

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