New Blade Runner 2049 trailer attached to Alien: Covenant?

As if you need yet another reason to be excited about seeing the new Ridley Scott-directed ALIEN prequel ALIEN: COVENANT in theaters, we now have news that the new trailer for BLADE RUNNER 2049 will be attached to the film. So much Ridley Scott, so little time. 

Now, let me quickly point out after that last line that I am fully aware Sir Ridley Scott is not the director of BLADE RUNNER 2049. I know this, no worries. But as we all know he was the director of the original film and that's good enough for me. Especially considering the new director seems to be doing his best to replicate (natch) Scott's directing from the first film.

This now brings up an interesting topic. I've made this joke before, and I will make it again (I promise) but I think it may be time for Mike Myer's SNL character Lynda Richman to take the stage:

"BLADE RUNNER featured neither a blade nor a runner - discuss." But in all seriousness,  I'll give you another topic: which film are you more excited about, ALIEN: COVENANT or BLADE RUNNER 2049?

I'll help you out by putting the trailers for both flicks below. Give them a re-watch, and then discuss amongst yourselves. Don't bother including me, by the way. I have already made my decision: I have to go with ALIEN: COVENANT, if only because Ridley Scott is directing. 

Again, that's a pretty tough choice to make, but I'm sticking with the new ALIEN film. BLADE RUNNER 2049 looks cool and all - and I very well may change my tune after peeping the new trailer - but for right now imitation Ridley Scott is just not as good as the real thing. But I'm much more than willing to eat the f*ck out of those works at the end of the year.

I can only hope my sky-high hopes and expectations for ALIEN: COVENANT can withhold the reality of the actual film... But we'll see very soon as the film hits May 19th.

BLADE RUNNER 2049, by the way, arrives October 6th.

Extra Tidbit: Impossible Question: Who's hotter, Callie Hernandez or Ana de Armas?
Source: AP News



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