New Cabin Fever remake image features a callback to the original

One of the standout moments in Eli Roth's 2002 debut film CABIN FEVER is a hallucination that passes by very quickly - the image above, a shot of a hospitalized young Dennis being served a stack of pancakes, the maple syrup in a syringe, by someone in a bunny costume.

CABIN FEVER has now been remade, with director Travis Zariwny working from the exact same shooting script by Roth and Randy Pearlstein that was used on the original film, but filtering it through his own personal vision. That "bunny with pancakes" shot is so strange and uniquely Roth's, it's not clear if it has made it into Zariwny's version of the material. What is now obvious, though, is that the remake will have at least one nod to that moment.

A new promotional image for CABIN FEVER 2016 has made its way online and it features a small child, presumably Dennis, wearing a makeshift bunny mask. Check it out below.

Soon everything about the CABIN FEVER remake will be clear, as IFC Midnight will be releasing the film into theatres in New York and Los Angeles on February 12th. In two weeks, viewers will find out what sort of nods it has to its predecessor, what scenes have been kept, how closely they resemble what we saw in '02, and what has been altered.

Hopefully a wider release will follow soon after, because I am very curious about this project.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of this remake?



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