New Godzilla image highlights the aftermath of a rampage

Sure, everyone's abuzz with PACIFIC RIM news, but what about the Kaiju monster that started it all? Where's the love for the King of the Monsters? Well, Gareth Edward's remake of GODZILLA isn't going to be hitting theaters until May 2014, but the movie's official Facebook is starting to tease us with images. Hence a new still has appeared on the page that seems to be pulled from the San Diego Comic Con trailer. Check it out below.

Our own Eric Walkuski recognizes it from his report on the SDCC panel last July. His article describes the still as such: One interesting shot shows a building toppled over, and you can barely glimpse a man standing on top of it, surveying the wreckage. Another building has a massive hole smack in the middle of it. Yep, I think that's the one.

Most news sources are speculating the image will be in the final trailer for the film. No word on when that bad boy is set to drop, so stay tuned for more updates on that front. To play us out, how about a demonstration of Godzilla's skills on the basketball court? He got game...

Extra Tidbit: I'm still more excited for this than PACIFIC RIM. Which says a lot because I'm REALLY excited for PAC RIM. I'm just a GODZILLA loyalist first a foremost...
Source: Facebook



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