New pictures from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter feature axes and vampire villains

The promo push for Fox' summer release ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER is really getting underway; we're seeing more imagery from the flick now, and rumor has it that a trailer isn't far off. The studio knows this one's a risky bet, so it's going to take no chances when it comes to putting the word out.

Entertainment Weekly has just debuted a few new images from the Timur Bekmambetov-directed horror feature, which you can see here. It's obvious that, no matter what the age, Abe loved his trusty axe.

We're also given a first look at two of the film's major bloodsucking villains: Rufus Sewell and Erin Wasson (pictured above). Neither character was featured in the book, but the film's creators decided the story needed some specific baddies for Abe to target. (Seth Grahame-Smith's original text is admittedly lacking in a "big bad"; although of course John Wilkes Booth comes into play in the third act.)

To read EW's article about AL:VH, head on over HERE.

Starring Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Rufus Sewell, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jimmi Simpson, Robin McLeavy, Alan Tudyk and Martin Csokas, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER slays theaters on JUNE 22nd.

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Source: EW



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