New V/H/S red band clip is a found footage house of horrors

Confession time, kiddies: I’ve been on the fence about ordering V/H/S on demand. On the one hand, the film has received mostly positive buzz to the point where many are calling it the horror event of the year. On the other hand, ordering it on demand will set me back 10 bones, a price I personally consider a bit much for what essentially will be the digital equivalent of a video rental. Yes, I am a cheap bastard, but after seeing the new red band clip below, I think the found footage anthology movie may already have the cash out of my wallet.

The scene is taken from a segment directed by the filmmaking collective known as Radio Silence. In it, the filmmakers demonstrate how a terrifying haunted house escape can be done in one continuous take. When you have a video this chilling to greet you upon waking up in the morning, who needs coffee?

V/H/S is currently available on demand with a theatrical release pending October 5th. David Bruckner, Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg, Ti West, Adam Wingard and the aforementioned Radio Silence form the film’s nine man directorial wrecking crew. Check out the clip below and while you're at it, chime in with your own opinions about V/H/S.

Extra Tidbit: Heather Fierman (above) appears in David Bruckner's segment.
Source: AITH



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