New You're Next photo wields an axe

SXSW is just about to kick off, so in anticipation of the film's screening at the festival, director Adam Wingard has released an all new photo from his hit film YOU'RE NEXT. In the pic you'll see actress Sharni Vinson holding an axe in such a manner that suggests that she isn't looking for trees to chop down.

In YOU'RE NEXT, during a family reunion getaway, the Davison family comes under a sadistic attack. When Crispian Davison (Bowen) brings his new girlfriend (Vinson) along to celebrate the wedding anniversary of his parents (Moran and Crampton), the family's evening together is shattered when a gang of mysterious killers begin to hunt the family down with brutal precision. Unfortunately for the killers however, one of the victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.

The film will have its screening at SXSW this Sunday night. So far, YOU'RE NEXT has been met with nothing but outstanding reviews and has gathered quite the following already so expect even more buzz coming out of SXSW. I seriously can't wait to check this one out!

Here's the new pic.

Extra Tidbit: Do you dig the new pic from YOU'RE NEXT?
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