Nicole Kidman joins The Invitation creative team for Destroyer

Nicole Kidman

Director Karyn Kusama's THE INVITATION was one of my favorite horror movies of 2016, so it's very intriguing to me that she will be working with the writers of that film again on a new thriller called DESTROYER - which, unfortunately, has nothing to do with the prison-set 1988 slasher of the same title.

Adding to this DESTROYER's appeal even more is the fact that Nicole Kidman is set to star in it. Kidman will be playing 

LAPD detective Erin Bell who, as a young cop, was placed undercover with a cult-like gang in the California desert with tragic results. When the leader of that gang re-emerges many years later, she must work her way back through the remaining members and into her own history with them to finally reckon with the demons that destroyed her past.

Kidman vs. a cult? Nice. It is said that the story of DESTROYER will take Kidman's character on a "moral and existential odyssey". I'm hoping it's a bloody one.

The film is being fully financed by 30West, with Fred Berger producing alongside the screenwriters. Berger describes the script as "one of the most compelling" he has ever read. Rocket Science helped arrange the financing and will be handling international sales.

Kidman and the creative team of THE INVITATION sounds like a winning combination to me. I'm totally on board for this one.

Extra Tidbit: Kusama's JENNIFER'S BODY is also one of my favorites.



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