Paramount delays Paranormal Activity 5 until 2016

We have some devastating news to report as THR says that Paramount has has delayed PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 until 2016. That’s quite the delay considering they originally had the film pegged for a release this very October. It looks like the PA ghosts are going to have plenty of time to step their game up.

Some could say that the delay might be a good thing because it gives them room to come up with a new take on the franchise and deliver something actually worth watching—if that's the case then they should have delayed PA4 until the sun exploded.

But between the last film, THE MARKED ONES, performing like ass and everyone pretty much hating the fourth film, I don’t understand how waiting until 2016 is really going to help the franchise. Will anyone actually care in couple of years? Time will tell!

Katie Featherston of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise

Extra Tidbit: What do you hope to see from PARANORMAL ACTIVITY when it finds its way back into theaters in 2016?
Source: THR



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