Paul W.S. Anderson returns to direct Resident Evil 6

As if this comes to anyone's surprise, we've just learned that Paul W.S. Anderson will in fact be directing the 6th installment of RESIDENT EVIL with its leading lady Milla Jovovich returning as well. Anderson plans to start shooting RESIDENT EVIL 6 this coming fall with Screen Gems keeping the same release pattern with a theatrical run on September 12, 2014.

I stopped watching this series after the third one so I can't tell you whether or not adding a sixth film to the franchise is a good idea — obviously it's still making bank otherwise they would have never gotten this far but you've gotta start wondering when its time has run out.

It is nice to see a film seires doing this well though, so hopefully Anderson is up to the task with making yet another successful film in the hit franchise. That's all for now folks but with this latest announcement expect to hear a lot more in the coming months!

Milla Jovovich

Extra Tidbit: Is there room for yet another RESIDENT EVIL in the franchise?
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