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Resident Evil: Extinction(2007)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Russell Mulcahy

Milla Jovovich/Alice
Oded Fehr/Carlos
Ali Larter/Claire
Iain Glen/Dr. Isaacs
6 10
The world has become a post apocalyptic shit hole since the events of Resident Evil 2 Apocalypse. But some things don’t change. Flesh craving Zombies? Check. Umbrella Corporation up to their old “lets make things worse in the name of making them better” tricks? Check. Leggy Alice (Jovovich) whooping undead ass and showing off hard nips? Check. Lock and load baby!
I worship the original RESIDENT EVIL (read why here). Before you say “What? Are you kidding me?” Let me beat you to it; nope I’m not kidding you. I also grooved to Soldier, Driven and BW2. So there you have it! I sometimes like films that the norm doesn’t. C’est la vie! With that off the slab and back in the trash can where it belongs; I didn’t think much of the zombie challenged Resident Evil 2 Apocalypse. So did Russell Mulcahy save the day on this one? In a sense…YOU BET!

Let’s backtrack here. Why? Cause I feel like it. The original Resident Evil had little to do with the video game it was based on. Part 2 tried to have its whore and eat her too by referencing the game a lot while continuing the plotline established by Part 1. Part 3 is actually the furthest away from the game as to story and feel. Think The Road Warriors but with zombies! It takes more than the presence of Carlos Olivera, Albert Wesker (yes he wears the sunglasses like in the game…but at board meetings? Meh, he looked like an idiot!) and Claire Redfield to make it faithful to its source. They were nods; nothing more or less. All that to stab; you’re looking for more of the video game in this second sequel — you won’t find much of it. Personally I didn’t give shit on toast; I was just looking for an easy good time.

Low on story/character development but high on striking visuals and butt whooping in all of its forms; I got some potent left hooks to the melon out of Resident Evil 3 Extinction but mostly on a superficial level. After a semi lagging first block; I was treated to a series of elaborate, kinetically shot, violent enough to please and slow motion whoring action sequences that carved a big grin on my dumb mug. Tight shootouts, flamboyant knife action/martial arts scenes, big explosions and ample undead massacres…the candy was there in spades! FUN SHITE! I was also in a tizzy to see that the horror vibe that was sorely lacking from Part 2 was kicking it hard here. The Zombie makeup was mainly effective and the gory goods burst out the screen heavy and hard. YEEHAW! Alice sure knows how to put them duel blades to good use! The zombies in a box bit which led to her doing ALL KINDS of undead laundry was easily the highlight of the flick for me. I think I’m in lust!

Additionally; I mucho appreciated that this second sequel returned to its roots (the first film that is) in the guise of the mansion set, the hologram maps and the eerie laser room making cameos. It just felt right; especially when taking into account that Part 2 felt so damn distant from Part 1 in approach and tone. Shotgun on top of all that; a couple of sly and witty moments (Carlos + that joint = priceless); eye popping production designs (Vegas!!!!!!), some random humor that worked me right and Milla Jovovich being one damn photogenic dame in all forms of dressed and undressed and you get some easy strokes from an simpleton lay. I wasn’t bowled over by the movie but I managed to be entertained nonetheless. At the end of the kill, I’m a simple man.

Alas, this had to be the most vacuous of all three Resident Evil films. The story failed to grab me by the jewels and so did the bulk of the characters hence my watch was somewhat detached. And why the f*ck was singer Ashanti in this film again aside from appealing to a niche audience? Girl wouldn’t know how to act if James Lipton hit her over the head with his Acting Studio mallet. Thank Zeus that torture didn’t last long. Plot holes were abound as well and so were a string of tired clichés that I could’ve done without. If I see the whole “I got bitten by a Zombie but won’t tell anyone until I turn and attack them” device one more time — I’ll hunt down a family of squirrels and nail them on the MPAA’s front door. YAWN! Finally some of the dialogue stank to high heavens, CGI was occasionally AWFUL, I almost fell into this one's many plot holes and the progression of the storyline felt disjointed now and again.

Overall though; Resident Evil 3 was fairly a harmless tango (and Cash?) that gave me a quick fix of bloodshed, action, guns, zombies and hot broads; all put out via polished and gripping imagery. You can do better but you can do worse…how worse? Resident Evil 2 Apocalypse Tonto! I rest my case.
Slit throats, head shots, grisly bullet wounds, nifty eviscerations, flesh munching, a beastie sliced and diced and more! Extinction embraced the red- wet and after the dryer than Aunt Jemima RE 2 — what a relief that was! NOTE: There was some cruddy CGI in the house (zombie crowds — blood splats). Surprisingly bad for a big budget Studio film.
Milla Jovovich (Alice) aced her ass kicking bits but was on/off when it came to her dialogue delivery. To her defense, some of her lines were pretty lousy — not her fault! Oded Fehr (Carlos) was sympathetic and charismatic as per usual. Love that guy! Ali Larter (Claire) didn’t fully sell me on being a “tough leader’ but overall, she was all right. Iain Glen (Dr. Isaacs) chewed the scenery fervently as the “villain” of the film. He had fun and I had fun watching him have fun — makes sense? Ashanti (Betty) should never act again - model on the other hand...YUP! She's hot! Thankfully they toned down Mike Epps (L.J.) in this one. He's just a regular guy as opposed to a grating, "golden guns" sporting, loud mouth comic relief. I dug him here! Spencer Locke (K-Mart) looked cute and let the mascara overload gap the rest.
T & A
It didn’t go further than Jovovich’s hard nips begging to poke through her tank top. Shame…such shame. I was hoping for The Beaver from Part 1 to make yet another yummyliscious cameo here. NO DICE! The ladies get Oded Fehr’s tanned biceps.
Russell Mulcahy was in tip top shape here; arching back to the days of the original Highlander in terms of visual flair. The man showcased ambitious shots, breathtaking aerial photography and kinetic scene transitions. Apart from the shoddy “too tight” editing during the dog attack bit — no complaints from this twat!
Tyler Bates and Charlie Clouser did a swell job in echoing the badass score Marylyn Manson and Marco Beltrami did for the original. Engaging and aggressive, it often reeled me into the flick further than I should've been.
Resident Evil 3 Extinction was thinner than thin when it came to its narrative, its characters and everything that came with them. It was too bad since I found the mythology that was established in the original tantalizing. It deserved a meatier progression than this Pizza Pocket approach if you ask me and my imaginary friend “pole suckling nurse”. On the other end; I had fun and that counts for a lot for me. Pow-pow, kick-kick, kaboom, Milla’s hot, slash-slash, splat… all communicated through eye popping visuals with a solid score too boot. Yup, I forgot my freaking problems for a buck and half! ALL GOOD! So you in the mood for action driven undead fluff? Tap it! Not? Don’t!
The character of Claire wasn’t in early drafts of the Extinction script. Jill Valentine (who was in Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse) was initially going to be in the film. Producers Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt changed their mind though and replaced Jill with Claire.

Alice's new get-up was designed by Jovovich-Hawk, her clothing line.