Phase 4 Films to ride out the Devil's Mile

Phase 4 Films has snapped up the North American rights to the horror/crime-thriller hybrid DEVIL’S MILE, the feature directorial debut of Joseph O’Brien, whose screenwriting credits include ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES and the original script for the New Zealand gorefest FRESH MEAT, according to our brothers in blood at Fangoria.

David Hayter, Maria Del Mar and Frank Moore star in the tale that centers on...

...a trio of kidnappers who take an ill-advised detour en route to deliver their hostages - two teenage girls - to their mysterious and powerful employer.

When they accidentally kill one of the girls during a botched escape attempt, their simmering mistrust explodes into shocking violence. But what they thought was their worst case scenario is only the beginning, as they are engulfed by the hellish forces that haunt the road - a road they realize they may never escape. Now captors and captive must fight together to escape the monstrous forces pursuing them and somehow survive "devil's mile."

You can check out the official poster for DEVIL'S MILE below. We'll keep an ear to the ground as to when we can expect to see the film released later this year.

Extra Tidbit: DEVIL'S MILE star David Hayter wrote and directed the upcoming Jason Momoa-starring WOLVES
Source: Fangoria



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